Winners' stories

David & Lynne Platt’s Summer Super Draw win will fund relaxing UK breaks

“Many thanks for the cheque and wonderful hamper! As to what we will do with the money, I would think a couple of short breaks would be good at the moment. Maybe Buxton, Penrith or Lancashire coast.”

Sharon from York’s £500 win will help the garden bloom

“I decided to support the St Leonard’s Hospice Lottery because I was so overwhelmed with the care and support a very dear friend of mine received for his wife, who sadly passed away with cancer. She was made so very comfortable and treated with dignity and kindness.

The bonus is I won the top prize and am overjoyed. We are currently doing the garden so will definitely go towards that and maybe a meal out with family.”

Sylvia from Strensall puts family first with Lottery luck

"I was both thrilled and delighted to win top prize in the St Leonard’s Hospice Lottery draw. I have been playing for many years, it all started when a nice young man knocked on my door and signed me up. I never think about winning, it is donating every month which is important to me. My husband Byron sadly died five years ago from pancreatic cancer. The help and support I received from the Hospice at Home team was amazing and I will never forget their kindness during his short illness. I am planning a trip to see my granddaughter at the beginning of August, so some of the money will go very nicely towards that. I am also going to treat my seven grandchildren and I have already sent my donation to Rainbow of Ribbons which I support each year. Thank you so much."

Phil, from York plans to share £500 jackpot with family

"It was brilliant news that I had won the St Leonard’s Hospice Lottery! After winning first prize I am going to treat my 4 grandchildren to a gift, which I know they will appreciate. It was my wife Liz that inspired me to support the Hospice, she has worked at St Leonard’s for many years and helps in so many different ways. I truly understand the need to keep St Leonard’s Hospice running for many years to come."

Lottery Luck for Summer Super Draw Winner Ken

One lucky local is celebrating his good fortune, after scooping the Top Prize in the St Leonard’s Hospice Summer Super Draw.

A regular player of the Weekly Lottery, Pocklington resident and retired father-of-two Ken Dobbins recently collected his prize from members of the St Leonard’s Hospice fundraising team. Ken was surprised and delighted that his ongoing support for St Leonard’s Hospice had now come back to bear fruit, in the form of the top cash prize and a luxury hamper.

Mr Dobbins said: “It’s a very nice way to start the weekend”.

It is 22 years since Ken’s wife Hazel was cared for at St Leonard’s Hospice, when she was experiencing symptoms associated with her bowel cancer diagnosis.

Ken remembers the key moments that made such a difference to Hazel and their family during her final days: “What struck me most about St Leonard’s Hospice was the atmosphere. I miss going there to visit Hazel very much.”

Within hours of Hazel first being admitted as to the Inpatient Unit, she was made to feel comfortable at the Hospice.

“It was the first time in months that she had been pain-free, and that made a world of difference to her. I asked the Nurses, ‘How did you do that?’, and they simply said: ‘We listen to what the person wants, and we act on it’.

I can’t do everything, but I do whatever I can to support St Leonard’s Hospice. I’ve been playing the Weekly Lottery since it started, and me and my daughters always send off our payments for Rainbow of Ribbons together.

This win has come at the right time, really. I’ve just had my front windows replaced.”

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